Editing and Printing the Play Passport

To Edit your Play Passport

click on this link           (or A4 word version if you’d prefer click on this link)

If you don’t have Adobe reader, it is available and free from the Adobe web site. Click on the logo below:


Adding Text

  • Left Click (mouse) where you want to add text and type in information or use Ctrl V (mouse) or Edit > Paste if you’ve copied text from somewhere like a word document

Adding a photo

  • Copy your photo by using Ctrl C (mouse) or Edit > Copy
  • Left Click (mouse) where it says “Photo Here” and use Ctrl V (mouse) or Edit > Paste (if “paste” function is disabled: right click on toolbar to the right of all icons and tick paste)
  • To Resize drag one of the corners towards the centre of the image and then drag the image to where you want it placed


Printing your Play Passport

Save your updated PDF on your computer then click the printer icon, top left on PDF.

Make sure you have your ‘page set up’ like this:

page setup


To read more about the Play Passport click here onto the Downloadable Resources page.

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