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Multi-method study on playfulness and children with PMLD

A summary of my thesis can be found here 

Sensory Books


I made a sensory book for each of the children in the study. A document can be found here about how and why I made them.


Observation Tool

Below is a link to the observation tool that I  developed and have been using to observe the children in my study.

Click here for the Observation Tool.

Categories of Playful Activities

The Categories of playful activities for children with PLMD and the ideas for playful activities by category document can be used alongside the observation schedule to determine a child’s level of active involvement in playfulness.

Play passport

Play Passport

The Passport to Play has been developed during the course of carrying out research for my PhD on playfulness and profoundly disabled children. Families, teachers, academics and other professionals have contributed towards the content and it is hoped that it will be used to inform people who are getting to know a profoundly disabled child about the way in which they can be playful. It may be useful, for example, in play schemes where people who are supporting a child with profound needs may not have known the child for very long, or staff in short break services may use it to engage with children playfully. It can be freely downloaded from this website and altered to suit the needs of particular children. Any comments or questions about the Passport can be directed to me via the contact page.

The Listening Partnership is a forum group for young disabled people in Bristol who meet to discuss their rights, consult, do activities and socialise. I was very pleased to work with Jade, Katy and Ben from the Listening Partnership who produced the artwork for the Passport, along with Bryony Budd who designed the logo. Many thanks to all of them, and to Sarah Howard, the Youth Participation Worker for her support.

To print out the Play Passport click on this link

and make sure you  have your ‘page set up’ like this:

page setup


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Passport to Play by Debby Watson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Survey on playfulness

Survey on playfulness and children with PMLD – Final 4.9.12

When children with PMLD shine: A report on the results of an online survey on playfulness and children with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. This report was written following a survey that was conducted via the PMLD Network as part of my ongoing PhD study